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For centuries, beer has brought people together, transcending identity or class. Here at Community Beer Co. we believe that it can be an integral part of influencing local culture and creating memorable experiences.

We strive to create the highest quality craft brews we can, while creating an environment where our community can gather to enjoy good company and great beer together.

Our new location in central Dallas, located at 3110 Commonwealth Dr., allows us to be a strong part of the North Texas community and a hub for a diverse lineup of events … all while supporting local artists, musicians, and charities whenever we can.


Community Beer Crowded Parking Lot Event

Top Notch Equipment, World-Class Beer

Committed to quality, we have invested in the finest, most sophisticated brewing and packaging equipment made.  From day one we have grown all of our own yeast in house.  A custom-designed yeast propagation system gives us the ability to use many different yeast strains across our portfolio, adding more complexity and flavor according to each individual beer style.

Tanks at Community Brewery

We are proud to be part of

Your Community!

Without you, the craft beer loving folks of Texas, none of this would be possible. We are honored to be able to be part of your community, Cheers Yall!

Community Beer Co. founder

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