Lemon Tart Ale

Golden Ale with Lemon Puree, Lemon Peel, and Vanilla Beans

Dessert Inspired Golden Ale
Seasonal Release
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Our brewers put on their chef’s hats and got out their whisks to whip up another baked goods series delight: Lemon Tart! The special blend of malts mimics the flavor of crispy, flaky pie crust, and by skillfully blending real Madagascar vanilla beans, lemon juice, and lemon and orange peel, we brewed up a lemon tart pie your grandma would be proud of!

Pairs well with

  • Sunny afternoons on the patio
  • Catching up with old friends at brunch
  • A massive charcuterie board packed with delicious cheeses, meats, and stone fruits
  • Listening to the album Lemonade by Beyoncé on repeat